Magnesium Oxide Board
That is our SINH- Board.
Let us introduce you to abundant natural resource; Magnesium Oxide.The
amazing mineral thatcan achieve all the these requirements and much,
much more…..
  • Magnesium Oxide is the best Construction Material for sustainable structures.
  • It is Used since ancient time because of its superb technical properties.
  • It is used in ancient monuments or structures..
  • It is also used in present structures
  • Let us see few examples here.
  • Facial Surface Layer.
  • Fibreglass Mesh Layer.
  • Filler Layer ( Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Chloride, Saw dust and additives .
  • Fibreglass Mesh layer.
  • Filler Layer at Bottom side.
Special Features
  • Strong and Durable.
  • Best Fire Resistance – A Class Fire rated material Non Combustible.
  • Water Resistance.
  • No Weather effect.
  • Best Impact resistance.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity.
  • Termite and Insect Resistance.
  • Better Sound Insulation. About 38 dB for 10 mm Thick Boards.
  • No Delamination of layers.
  • Smooth Surface.
  • 100 % Environment Friendly Product i.e Green Product.
  • Easy for Installation
  • Good workability
  • No asbestos.
Major Applications of SINH-Boards.
False Ceiling work With Grid or Joint less
Wall Cladding
Drywall Partition Work
Mezzanine Floor Work
Prefab Houses / Bunk House etc
Roof tile Underlay and Eaves
Furniture and Back lining Work
Duct Cover With CNC Designs
Attributes SINH- MGO Board Gypsum Board Fibre CementBoard Cement Bonded Particle Boards Calcium Silicate Boards Plywood OSB
Strength Excellent Poor Good Good Poor Good
Fire Resistance Excellent Good Good Poor Good Poor
Mold & Mildew Free Excellent Poor Good Poor Poor Poor
Termite Resistant Excellent Poor Good Good Good Poor
Moister Resistance. Excellent Poor Good Good Good Poor
Durability Excellent Poor Good Average Average Poor
Wall Paper Over Surface Excellent Good Poor Good Poor Good
Weight Moderate Light Heavy Heavy Moderate Light
Fastner Strength Excellent Poor Good Excellent Poor Excellent
Workability Good Good Poor Medium Medium Good
 Environmentally ‘Green’ & Non-Toxic Yes No No No No No
  • Fire Rating can be achieved up to 4 Hours if Properly Designed and used for Drywall as it is non combustible and excellent Fire Resistance Property.
  • Energy saving by using as external cladding as it has High Thermal Resistance , Building can have LEED points from IGBC.
  • With better Sound insulation Property, it can be used where Sound insulation is one of prime criteria for Internal Drywalls i.e Hospitals , ICU room, Doctor Consulting Rooms, Corporate Office etc
  • Due to Best Water Resistance Property, It can be used for external applications and at Wet line Areas.
  • Due to more lamina Bond, lamination, Tile , Stone etc. can be fixed over the Boards with Suggested adhesives.