everest flouring solution
  • Everest Heavy Duty Fibre Cement Boards are scientifically manufactured for mezzanine floors , raised/cavity floors for services, loft or bulk heads
  • Everest Floor Solutions (as substrate) are lighter, durable, easy to install than conventional wet flooring solutions
  • Besides this, they provide resilient base which is acoustically and thermally effective , weather resistant & on the top has ability to carry both dead & live loads
  • Everest Floor Boards are suited for places which has light to medium load and are exposed to low traffic & require moisture, fire & termite resistant
  • Applications: lofts/ storage access/shops/offices/restaurant/cyber cafĂ©
  • Everest Heavy duty Floor Boards are suited for places where load impact is reasonably high, moderate to heavy load , moderate traffic
  • Applications: Mezzanine floor : showrooms/ shops/ office / labor accommodation, Raised floor : IT sector, Call center, Telephone exchange , Tiles under lay in wet areas , Toilets, Kitchens , Wash rooms
  • Finishing choices: Carpet/Tiles/Vinyl flooring
Everest Flooring Solutions
Everest Floor Boards
Everest Flooring Solutions